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Market Intelligence

Analyze prices from third parties and competitors to understand prices dynamics and optimize sales.

How Does It Work?

Collect data from different market (online/offline) to support and make business decisions.

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Catalog optimization

Analyze your catalogue and your historical data to define and identify your price trends.

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Market Analysis

Recognize images and verbatim online to enrich your sources and identify key product trends.

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Boost sales

Define a real time re-price model using AI to support and improve your sales.



Analysing prices charged by third-party vendors and direct/indirect competitors on a multinational third-party market using a customised engine that helps the customer identify and understand price dynamics in order to optimise pricing policy and increase sales.

What We Did

  • Brand Catalog AI analysis and process to identify price tolerance
  • Price trend identification and monitoring
  • Images and verbatim recognition to identify key product trend
  • Definition of a new dynamic re-pricer model
  • Definition of a new campaign manager based on AI


Discover how our solution can facilitate your business processes.

30 endpoints (i.e. combination of marketplace/country)

50.000 unique monitored products

5 selected monitored competitors

Enable a new way of managing the online channel