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Location Intelligence

Define a new way to increase sales and reduce marketing costs by identifying the right place-to-be for any product and their target audiences.

What Is It?

A solution that helps companies figure out where to sell their products based on where their customers are and what appeals to them in a specific territory.

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Define it

Understand your target audience, integrating the company’s information with online and offline data.

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Model it

Use an analytical model to assess the sales potential of any point of sales based upon user’s territorial presence in an area.

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Visualize it

With a custom geo-dashboard you can visualize the sales potential of any of your point of sales.



Defining a new way to support sales and trade marketing to optimise their effort in increasing sales and reducing costs, while identifying the right place-to-be for any of their products in terms of the right point of sales and, at the same time, considering the online and offline interests of their target audience.

What We Did

  • Define the target audience presence by integrating online data with socio-demographic data
  • Enrich the target audience data with offline data based upon customer profile and customer presence (geo-position;
    traffic data; interests…)
  • Definition and development of an analytical model to assess the sales potential of any point of sales/consumption
    based upon the territorial presence of users in an area
  • Creation of a custom geo-dashboard to make data visualizable for all users


Discover how our solution can facilitate your business processes.

A scalable and versatile model applicable to any industry and any products

Identify and forecast the most potential point of sales for your business 

Optimize costs activating ad-hoc initiatives based upon the real interest of your customers