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IT Governance Risk & Compliance


Based on our business and security expertise, we advise clients regarding the organizational and procedural risks they face. We use dedicated controls to assess risks in the IT infrastructure, report, and address them in accordance with the existing laws and regulations (NIST, ISO 27001).


Identify and implement controls

  • Identify and assign responsibility for controls
  • Adapt and implement controls to mitigate otherwise unacceptable risks

Test, validate & report

  • Test and evaluate security controls
  • Compile and report findings

Continuous monitoring & governance

  • Conduct risk assessments at least once a year
  • Implement, monitor, and incorporate remediation activities into the risk register


We leverage a set of accelerators to automate activities, reduce risk and increase project and service efficiency.

Automated data gathering, benchmarks, and asset inventories

Granular review options for collected data

Large library of reporting templates and visualizations

Authorisation process for approval of new reporting template

Wide range of indexed tools and ecosystems

Immutable and auditable storage of discovery data

Technology Expertise

Hoverture operates within the international standards for information security, i.e.:

NIST 800-53


ISO 27001 / 27002



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