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Identity Access Management


Identity Access Management is a core part of our value proposition: We help companies control and secure access to their systems with a holistic identity solution. To do so, we use a solution-agnostic approach combining best-of-breed technologies and methodologies.



  • Define the as-is state
  • Identify gaps between the status quo and the to-be scenario
  • Document and classify the gaps between the as-is and the end-to-end program

Model and implement

  • Define IAM solutions.
  • Implement a model aligned with the client’s business priorities
  • Implement and build up the chosen model using an Agile methodology

Run and manage

  • Enable Identity Access Management for all systems/users/third parties involved in the scenario
  • Run the managed services to ensure an effective program go-live


We leverage a set of accelerators to automate activities, reduce risk and increase project and service efficiency.

User Access

A well-planned and meticulous user access review process can reduce the risk of cybersecurity threats to your organization’s critical assets. We’ve created a user access review template to use as a checklist during our audits:

  • Define the scope of the user access audit
  • Revoke permissions of ex-employees
  • Remove shadow admin accounts
  • Ensure employees don’t have access permissions from previous positions
  • Make sure that employees and vendors have the fewest privileges possible
  • Verify that permanent access is only given when necessary
  • Analyze the results of the review and draw conclusions

Role Mining Entitlements

In enterprise settings, increasing digitization means more devices, users and data across on-premises and multi-cloud/remote environments. In such complex IT-security ecosystems, it’s difficult to effectively manage user identities and access. 
We’ve created a framework based on graph technology to collect and create a custom schema to display for every identity all privileges used to access on all enterprise applications.

Google Cloud Platform IAM Survey

Using Google Cloud Asset Inventory to survey all IAM-relevant resources inside a Google Cloud Platform organisation our custom tools generate detailed reports on the privileges, age, activity levels and threat levels of IAM groups, users and service accounts.

Technology Expertise

Oracle IDM

ForgeRock IDM


Oracle Access Manager

ForgeRock AM



Google Cloud IAM

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