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Data Security


We support our clients with a full set of services and solutions to protect their data from unauthorized access, including any data loss due to ransomware/data corruption attacks and many more. 


Analyze and label sensitive data

  • Identification of types of data
  • Labeling and classification of sensitive data to ensure suitable protection level

Implement a risk assessment

  • Evaluate and define data access scenarios and audiences
  • Control access to necessary information to reduce the risk of unauthorized disclosure

Develop technical access controls

  • Design customer permission structures according to the principle of least privileges
  • Create an access control list that classifies who can access what resource and at what level


We leverage a set of accelerators to automate activities, reduce risk and increase project and service efficiency.

Data Masking Management

Framework to ensure referential integrity within the database, between different databases, and between different database platforms. Use of both deterministic and/or random approaches to ensure consistency and enable repeatable masking processes.

Technology Expertise

Oracle Data Masking

Oracle Vault


Thales Gemalto

Splunk SIEM


Data Sunrise



Directory Server

Google Cloud DLP

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