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We help businesses identify and define the main attack vectors into their systems and how they can guard against them. Together with them we design and execute vulnerability assessments and penetration testing both on-prem / on-cloud.


Gap analysis

  • Improving of the IT security
  • Defining the vulnerabilities
  • Discovering the weaknesses
  • Establishing responsibility
  • Creating a cybersecurity plan

Advisory & assessments

  • Security awareness
  • Advisory Services
  • Incident Readiness
  • Threat Hunting Assessment

Technical assessment

  • Penetration testing
  • Application security testing
  • Cloud security architecture assessment


We leverage a set of accelerators to automate activities, reduce risk and increase project and service efficiency.

Cybersecurity Assessment

Based on a risk- and zero-trust based approach to cybersecurity, Hoverture’s Cybersecurity Assessment employs the NIST framework to help customers review their security posture, identify gaps and develop mitigation roadmaps and business cases.

Bootcamp program

We execute a simulation program for relevant cybersecurity use cases in order to create solution, experience and readiness.

Technology Expertise





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