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Infrastructure Modernization


We support our clients in modernizing their infrastructure from legacy (typically on-premises) to the cloud for cost reduction, improved time-to-market, sustainability, flexibility, and scalability.

We design and implement multi-cloud architectures to avoid vendor lock-in and bring together different platform advantages.

We offer innovative services leveraging proprietary assets based on cloud capabilities and expertise.


Feasability Analysis

  • Define the cloud adoption roadmap
  • Structure according to the RaMP methodology by Google Cloud


  • Define the migration plan
  • Select PoC workloads
  • Define the tactical and strategic modernization approach

Migration & Optimization

  • Execute the migration of the selected workload
  • Support activities and operations of the project while optimizing costs


We leverage a set of accelerators to automate activities, reduce risk and increase project and service efficiency.

Minimum Viable Landing Zone (MVLZ)

Landing zones are a necessary foundation for a well-governed cloud environment. We develop both custom landing zones and tailored implementations of standard solutions such as CFT or Fabric.

Start small: Piloting package

Start with a pilot migration: Before migrating the entire infrastructure, it’s advisable to start with a pilot migration. This means migrating only a portion of the infrastructure to evaluate the migration process and identify any issues or challenges. This can help reduce the risk of disruptions or problems during the full migration.

Automation tools

Cloud migrations can be a complex process, but automation tools can greatly simplify it, reduce the risk of errors, and speed up the migration. We employ several automation tools depending on the complexity and migration phase.


Introduce a monitoring and troubleshooting architecture capable of collecting and integrating heterogeneous data sources.

Cloud Managed Services in a box

Engage our support team to manage and operate cloud services. Choose from our flexible and tailored service building blocks and Google Premier Partner status.

Technology Expertise

  • Deep knowledge of Google Cloud Service (Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, Cloud Identity and IAM, network services, GKE, Cloud Load Balancer, Cloud VPN, Cloud SQL, BigQuery)
  • Task automation and orchestration tools
  • Deep understanding of the most important on-premise infrastructure and technologies used (e.g. VMware)
  • Comprehensive experience in infrastructure and data security and implementing security best practices on Google Cloud (e.g. Cyberprotect)
  • Backup architectures (e.g. Google Cloud and Acronis)
  • Troubleshooting skills to identify and resolve issues in complex architecture
  • Experience in knowledge-sharing and upskilling end-users on the new infrastructure

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