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Database and Data Warehouse Modernization


We modernize database infrastructure to increase productivity, improve data security, reduce management costs, and scale up availability and performance.
We migrate complex legacy databases into modern and flexible architectures that leverage the next-generation database systems and cloud components. During this process, we improve performance and reduce vendor lock-in.

We support our clients across three main service areas:

Database Consulting

  • Data architecture design
  • Very large database installation
    & configuration
  • Security assessment & data
  • Disaster recovery & backup
  • Performance assessment & tuning
  • Stress testing & capacity planning

Database Migration

  • Heterogeneous data migration
  • Zero downtime migration
  • Data migration for 3rd party applications
  • Version upgrade and patching

Database Managed Service

  • Proactive remote management
    of on-prem and cloud database
  • Incident & problem management, and
    escalation management for vendors’ support service request
  • Performance monitoring
    and continuous improvement



  • As-is analysis, considering business and technical factors
  • Survey of applications and their properties/dependencies to calculate TCO for target and actual environments
  • Prioritize the workloads to be migrated and develop the business case


  • Define the target database and the migration approach
  • Consider strategic objectives (business impact/migration time/resources)
  • Include financial concerns (costs, OpEx post-migration, app migration).
  • Review technical considerations (migration phases, sources, sizing)

Implement and optimize

  • Define the right combination of schema conversion and data migration tools that will enable the fastest migration possible
  • Verify if the new environment matches the defined KPIs for any impacted area


We leverage a set of accelerators to automate activities, mitigate risk and increase project and service efficiency.


We support our clients with an end-to-end view of databases, choosing the best services for their needs in terms of: architecture design, VLDB installation/configuration, performance assessment & tuning, stress testing, migration (heterogeneous, zero downtime, data migration for 3rd-party apps), proactive remote management of on-prem & cloud databases, incident & problem management.


We excel at using the key tools for effective end-to-end database modernization: from the as-is analysis (e.g. MigVisor) to the implementation of the schema conversion (e.g. Ora2PG, Ispirer, Full Convert, Striim) and to the data migration tools and CDC (e.g. Striim, Oracle Golden Gate, Debezium, Google DataStream).

Technology Expertise

We master the main technologies running across the database world:






Amazon RDS

Google Cloud SQL

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