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Cloud Strategy


We define the cloud transformation journey by tailoring our proven methodology (based on Google’s RaMP framework ) to client-specific needs.
This consistently provides a clearer picture of expected benefits, a unifying vision of the transformation goals and an actionable roadmap for delivery.



  • Analyze the current infrastructure and application landscape
  • Identify the opportunities to modernize the infrastructure leveraging cloud technologies


  • Identify migration opportunities in terms of approach and complexity (lift and shift, rehosting, replatforming, redesign)
  • Define processes, priorities and timeline


  • Evaluate of total cost of ownership
  • Quantify project and running costs
  • Evaluate business benefit


We leverage a set of accelerators to automate activities, reduce risk and increase project and service efficiency.

RaMP methodology

We make use of the RaMP approach to accelerate assessment, planning, and evaluation phases. We tailor our methodology to specific client needs and peculiarities.


We employ automatic discovery tools (e.g Stratozone to accelerate infrastructure and application discovery and identification of dependencies.

Cloud Modeling

The creation of cloud architecture models enables visualization of the benefits of migration.  These illustrate how the flexibility and scalability of the cloud can provide more efficient and high-performance solutions than traditional infrastructures.

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