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Support & Training


We help our clients jump-start their workspace adoption, usage, and monitoring by creating a dedicated Workspace Academy. This up-skilling of end-users and administrators will let our clients take ownership of their Workspace environment in no time. Their teams will enjoy a sense of security and confidence necessary to start thinking of further innovations for their business.


Adoption support

  • Planning change management activities to support platform activation
  • Defining communication plan
  • Collecting feedback to improve platform usage

Technical support

  • 1st and 2nd level support
  • Google Workspace Administration and Management
  • Reports on usage and compliance

Workspace Academy

  • Administrator training helpful to Google certification
  • End user training to boost productivity
  • Drop-in session to support platform adoption


We leverage a set of accelerators to automate activities, reduce risk and increase project and service efficiency.

Tailor-made customer adoption program

Working directly with google we developed a program to support an effective adoption of the platform and to improve collaboration using Workspace tools.

AI-Powered Virtual Assistants

Thanks to Google Workspace you can explore and exploit the potential of AI-powered virtual assistants that can help with routine tasks, meeting scheduling, and answer common queries, freeing up valuable time.

Streamline & Collaborate effortlessly

Revolutionize business operations with Google AppSheet enabling users to create custom applications to improve business processes without any coding skills.

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