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Analytics Modeling and AI


We help businesses make sense of their data – no matter the source or format. We do this by leveraging analytical models uniquely suited to incorporating heterogeneous data. As part of this process, we minimize the risks associated with biases and errors in the use of digital tools and strive to improve the operational and marketing performance of the company.



  • Understanding business needs
  • Gathering data needs (internal and external)


  • Source data integration
  • Data cleansing
  • Data analysis environment set-up

Model and evaluate

  • Analytical model selection
  • Model development
  • Model testing and training


  • Deploying models in production
  • Supporting business users
  • Monitoring performance and fine-tuning


We leverage a mix of industry standards and proprietary accelerators for automation, risk mitigation and velocity.

Analytics model development framework

We help discover business attractive use cases for analytics models that aid their decision-making. Our work is based on a proprietary use-case platform developed on Google Cloud Platform tools. The applications we build on it will make the data of any business actionable in a real, transformative, and measurable way.

Analytical Modeling Tools

We work with a selection of best-in-class tools from the data engineering and data science ecosystem. This includes the dominant programming languages Python and R, the leading ML frameworks Keras, TensorFlow, and Vertex AI, as well as a large selection of databases and data pipeline tools.

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