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Hoverture helps your business to grow

Spring time is the season to lay the groundwork for growth and a bountiful harvest. Preparing your acre in the cloud now will help the seeds of your work blossom.

To capitalize on this spirit with our partners, Hoverture has chosen three seed packages.

Our Seed Packages for your Growth


Prepare a fertile ground for your business

  • Structured foundation for your workloads in Google Cloud
  • Guidance, control & security
  • Gain speed & protect quality


Allow an accelerated growth to use your data

  • Unlock the value of your data for growth
  • Open the door to data-driven business models
  • Lay the groundwork for best-in-class data and ML products


Protect your technical environment

  • Make your ground a safe place
  • Identify your weak points
  • Define means to harden organization, processes & technology

We are Google Cloud Premier Partner

As a recognized expert service provider and Google Cloud Premier Partner, Hoverture specializes in complex custom solutions – with accredited partner specializations in infrastructure, cloud migration and Google Workspace. For a fresh, simple start into the year, we have decided to offer the following, easily commissioned service packages – including a time-limited option for co-funding on a first-come, first-serve basis.


The Hoverture Packages that help your business to Grow


Custom Cloud Environment in Google Cloud

A landing zone (LZ) is a structured environment prepared for your cloud workloads. It provides guidance, control, and security for your team when working with Google Cloud Platform. Using Infrastructure-as-Code it ensures repeatable and fast management of cloud resources without compromising your design standards.

Use Cases
  • Begin deploying workloads in a safe environment.
  • Organize existing cloud workloads with best practices, Infrastructureas-Code and automation
  • Deploy a Proof-of-Concept application to Google Cloud Platform and upskill your team.
Key benefits
Empower development teams while maintaining control over access and cost
Quickly deploy new products and environments using templates
Enforce your standards across projects

SMALL 40k €

SME-level Landing Zone
  • Two-layered architecture
  • Requirements workshop
  • Deployment of a VM-based workload

Duration: 3-5 weeks

MEDIUM 60k €

Corporate-level Landing Zone
  • Four-layered Architecture
  • Deployment of a PoC workload
  • Deployment automation for PoC workload

Duration: 6-8 weeks

LARGE 90k €

Enterprise-level Landing Zone
  • Six-layered Architecture
  • Deployment of two workload
  • Deployment automation for workloads + infrastructure

Duration: 9-12 weeks

Get a safe cloud infrastructure for your workloads that gives you all the flexibility you need and expect


Analysis, Strategy and Pilot for your future Data(base) setup

Hoverture’s basic foundation on GCP Data(base) modernization enables rapid cost reduction, securing data and speeds up the data driven transformation of many industries. Legacy Database Systems cannot support organizations anymore because they cannot keep pace with business. Database Modernization is the key to unlock the value of a company’s data.

Use Cases
  • Free business modernization from the friction of legacy database systems
  • Legacy DBs are nearing end-of life in performance and available support
  • Data needed to develop competitive advantages is locked in silos and on-premise.
Key benefits
Significant cost reduction
Laying the ground to optimize (un)structured data usage
Enables new uses of your data, e.g. marketing & sales KPI / customer Data
Optimized performance
Reduced lock-in on legacy DBs
Avoids single-vendor risk
Enables introduction of AI/ML based on Google’s toolset

SMALL 25k €

Rapid Strategy
  • Review drivers for change, strategies and goals.
  • Architecture blueprint
  • Migration Roadmap

Duration: 2 weeks

MEDIUM 40k €

Prep Deployment
  • All above, plus…
  • Setup of GCP infrastructure
  • Best-practice optimization suggestions
  • Data migration strategy

Duration: 6 weeks

LARGE 80k €

Pilot Deployment
  • All above, plus…
  • Development migration plan
  • Migration of up to three single-source databases
  • Documentation + handover

Duration: 10 weeks

Open the world of data driven business and release legacy dependencies


Assessment of your Cybersecurity posture

Hoverture’s approach to cybersecurity is based on Risk and Zero Trust architecture. With Google’s products and secure platform we help you build cybersecurity by design – allowing you to identify your risks, detect attacks quickly, respond effectively, and recover from disruptions. We benchmark you against your industry peers and derive a pragmatic roadmap that will help you improve your security posture in terms of investment, organization, processes and technology.

Use Cases
  • Survey current cybersecurity risks
  • What happens when I am attacked?
  • Do I have all my data secured, backed up and retrievable?
  • Are we investing enough and to the right target?
  • Are we properly organized?
  • Do we have the right technology and level of coverage?
Key benefits
Get control of cybersecurity and set the right expectations towards C-level
Measurable industry benchmark

Answer 3 key questions :

  • Is the investment made enough?
  • Is my team properly staffed?
  • Is my cybersecurity technology covering all the risks?
Transform cybersecurity to a Business Enabler

SMALL 35k €

NIST Framework Overview
  • Review of client posture
  • Inspect organisation, processes & technologies
  • High-level plan

Duration: 4 weeks

MEDIUM 67k €

  • All above, and…
  • Benchmark against industry investment
  • Overview of market cybersecurity risks

Duration: 6 weeks

LARGE 105k €

Investment Strategy
  • All above, and…
  • Action list / roadmap
  • Investment plan

Duration: 8 weeks

Govern the Cyber Risks and build a Security culture as business enable

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* As trusted partner of Google Cloud we can offer you a further discount of up 60% for certain packages - in case you are not yet a Google Cloud Platform customer - on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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We are Google Premier Partner

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