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Documents to Data: Unlocking Business Value with Hoverture and Konfuzio

In the rapidly evolving business landscape, companies find their ambitions to innovate hampered by traditional, document-oriented workflows. While these serve well for a few, scalability becomes an issue as the number of items increase. Hoverture and Konfuzio have come together to address this challenge by leveraging Konfuzio as a document automation platform to connect our […]

Google’s Data Cloud: Innovating Faster With A Unified Ecosystem

Google's data cloud

At the heart of any digital transformation path all companies would like to create value from not only “digital” but also from their data Yet, today a lot of organizations are still struggling with huge volumes of complex -and sometimes unstructured- data collected and built across ages and coming from different programs/areas that now are […]

Incremental parallel cut-over strategy for seamless cloud migration

Migrating to the cloud is a logical move for most companies. But change is always hard, especially when there are legacy applications which have been running for a long time on on-premise. One of our retail customer wanted to move one of their important, legacy, warehouse application to Google Cloud. Following were the factors that […]