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Google’s Data Cloud: Innovating Faster With A Unified Ecosystem

Google's data cloud

At the heart of any digital transformation path all companies would like to create value from not only “digital” but also from their data

Yet, today a lot of organizations are still struggling with huge volumes of complex -and sometimes unstructured- data collected and built across ages and coming from different programs/areas that now are like they’re trapped and siloed.
Just consider that, according to a research by Harvard Business Review, 92% of firms agree that the pace of investment in data is accelerating, but only 30% of them report having already developed a well-structured data strategy.

Nowadays, big data can be used by all companies to create value. But what do we mean by “creating value”? We mean not only monetizing data, but using it to improve their business like reviewing their marketing strategies, optimizing their spending, supporting analysis to improve product and services and so on.
It seems tough, but all this is actually possible thanks to specific analytics tools provided by Google and created to support companies to get the best from their data even if they’re siloed.
How to act to do this? It’s simple: by building a dedicated data strategy that first defines what to do with data, then identify what are the systems where data can be find and then uses the power of Google Cloud to optimize costs and get more benefits from them

In this article we will stress the importance of implementing data strategies and tools that optimize data’s potential, since it is the only way to transform the business and prepare it to address new market challenges and customers’ needs.


Thanks to a Data Platform based on Google Cloud, companies have a series of specific tools to support the analysis and interpretation of data in a smart way.
In fact, Smart Analytics is a part of Google’s platform that makes it easier for customers to manage, access, use and visualize data to accelerate transformation and empower innovation through better and more timely business insights.
Thanks to Google’s platform, organizations can make use of data without intervening on the silos where these data have been stored over the years.

We are talking about a platform that unifies data and AI capabilities to provide transformative experiences, unlock timely insights across various data sources and enable businesses to act on data-driven decisions.
But how to choose the right partner to start? 

Google is the best solution to invest on because, compared to other competitors, it doesn’t offer a unique solution, but a series of modular tools that allow it to create the best solution according to specific customers’ needs with an ideal cost/ benefit ratio.

Here is Google’s Smart Analytics approach:

  • Capture → Data ingestion ad any scale: Cloud Pub/Sub, Storage Transfer Service, Cloud IoT Core
  • Process → Reliable streaming data pipeline: Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Dataproc, Cloud Dataprep, Apache Beam
  • Store → Data lake and data warehousing: Cloud Storage, BigQuery Storage 
  • Analyze → Data warehousing: BigQuery Analysis Engine
  • Use → Advanced analytics: Looker, Cloud AI Platform, Sheets, Tensorflow

Well, Google’s data cloud comprises services around databases, data analytics, business intelligence and AI and, with it, you will find yourself guiding a data-driven organization where your employees are actually more productive. In fact, they can easily access insights and operate in an environment where AI-powered systems generate more high-quality insights to power the data to the AI cycle. 

Let’s get to know it better together.


Google’s Data Cloud is a unified I platform that helps businesses to manage every stage of their data lifecycle, including databases, BI, data warehouses, data lakes, streaming, AI and ML.
We are talking about an open and standards-based platform Secure by design that ensures portability and flexibility as well as an extensive partner ecosystem. Is designed for multi-cloud environments and is based on a built-in intelligence and AI/ML, which means that Google’s AI experience is infused everywhere with comprehensive tools and processes.

What are the main benefits of Google’s Data Cloud?

It is a complete solution since it supports users in every step of the data journey, from data collection to data visualization and activation.

It can support various data use cases such as applications, analytics, predictions and visualizations. Also, it has different products that cater to different data personas such as application developers and system builders, data engineers and data analysts, data scientists and ML engineers). This means that businesses can actually decide on architectures based on their resource pools to achieve similar business goals, combining different products and talents.

But there’s more! With Google, organizations can manage individually and in a different and customizable way each area of the data systems, this  means having data-driven experiences that break down silos. In fact,  you won’t have to duplicate and move data across different systems: Google products are ready to work together and ready to work with any company pre-existing system, saving you time and money. 

Also, Google Data Cloud improves efficiency and productivity of your data people, resulting in cost effective maintenance of your data platform, better governance and less friction during collaboration between teams. Thanks to AI/ML, which is a core component of the solution, the platform can help you to build improved predictions while automating your business processes using data.


We are a multicultural European team of talents striving for infrastructure and application modernization, using state-of-the-art technology, automation and architectural models.
We deliver the benefit of the Cloud through the most innovative and cutting-edge technology and transform business issues through the delivery of faster journeys.
Partnering closely with our customers, we envision new business models supported by advanced End2End, future-proof solutions.

We stand at the forefront of innovation and accelerate the future by applying it to the present
We can help you take full advantage of your data, unlocking its full potential and allowing you to become a data-driven organization by turning data into actionable insights  and improved business performance.

We can provide you with services that will guide you during the entire data journey, helping you optimizing and get the most out of each step, supporting you in 4 main areas: 


With us you will democratize your data and break up unintentional data silos, create new business opportunities, monetize your data, optimize insights with real-time analytics, enhance the flexibility of your data engineering setup and make better business decisions.

As Google Cloud Premier Partner, Hoverture,  supports its customers in defining the right strategy, choosing the best tools according to the business needs and making the most of their data.

Are you ready to innovate your business faster?

Leverage your data and make the most out of them with us.

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