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Innovate your company with Google Cloud and Generative AI

Google Cloud and Generative AI

  We are in an era of technological changes and among these is the emergence of generative AI. But what is it and why does it represent a value and a challenge for companies? Generative AI today is among the greatest opportunities that any company can seize and, in this article, we want to explain how to innovate thanks to it and Google Cloud.

A focus on Generative AI

To understand the potential of this technology, it’s important to delve deeper into its nature and capabilities. First of all, it must be said that artificial intelligence is based on fundamental models that aim to generate texts, images and videos through a self-supervised learning process. Such models can be implemented in more compact and economical configurations for a variety of applications.

This is what Google did. It has developed basic templates to meet different needs, from text creation to chat management, from image creation to the production of audio and video content. Thus, these technologies are integrated into the products offered by Google itself, implementing them in the Google Cloud and Google Workspace platforms.

How does Google use Generative AI?

To help scale AI responsibly, Google is taking a thoughtful approach that extends from model development to risk assessment and extends to the overall system architecture that ensures data control.

Google says: “Your data is exclusively YOUR data. We do not use customer data to train Google models and only process your data according to your instructions.” In this regard, Google has made public a document on the privacy of AI/and Machine Learning, reiterating the importance of the maximum level of security and control by the user over their data and their use in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

You own and control the data, NOT Google

  • Customer data is only processed according to their instructions;
  • Customers benefit from transparency and compliance with privacy regulations;
  • Google ensures security in protecting data from other users who do not have authorized access.

Google Cloud and Generative AI: the perfect combination for companies

Google Cloud is the only cloud that leverages innovation from all of Google’s tools to help companies achieve amazing results. It offers solutions that integrate artificial intelligence into data, infrastructure, productivity and security enabling businesses and organizations to achieve and fuel much sought-after innovation to stand out in the marketplace. How? Here are some examples:

Integrating AI with data

It is critical for companies to use their data to derive insights quickly and easily. That’s why Google helps its customers combine Google’s AI capabilities with their data to quickly get the insights they need. 

Getting new insights

Google helps organizations gain new insights with the Data and AI Cloud, a comprehensive and unified intelligent data platform. With solutions such as BigQuery, Vefiex AI, Cloud Spanner and Looker, it is possible to manage every stage of the data lifecycle.

Unlocking the potential of data

Only an open data cloud ecosystem enables organizations to avoid vendor-lock-in and adapt quickly to market needs. That’s why Google is creating the industry’s most open cloud, to enable companies to use all their data, in all formats.

We look forward to helping your business with generative AI, too.

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