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Hoverture Europe at BlockChance 2021

… and discover our innovative End2End solution HoverChain!

Ready, set, go!
We are putting the finishing touches on our Hoverture booth at the BlockChance Event 2021. This year, our Hoverture Europe team will be present and will proudly present our newest innovation – HoverChain!

We were able to orchestrate this incredible enterprise solution with blockchain pioneers Scytale and Hokan
on the one side and high-end technology and awarded products such as Odoo and Bit2win for CPQ/CRM/ERP
on the other.

As a united team, we are now officially launching HoverChain, the first End2End platform based on Blockchain infrastructure and hosted on the Google Cloud Platform.


Our 8 key elements

A novel way to accelerate the digital growth of your business!


Using Data, AI & ML we are able to deliver the right message to the right customer, empower sales and guide sales conversation, optimize customer service experience reducing client effort.


Working in tandem with all our business technology to ensure integrated data and accuracy we are able to orchestrate error-free pricing for any customers upon their needs.

& Order Taking

Integrating Blockchain technology into our product allows us to trust any subscription and deliver certified information to all sources.


Identificate end users and corporations through a simple and intuitive workflow, using the highest level of security in accordance with international security standards.

Digital Signature

A fully blockchain based solution to sign any kind of documents or data to cover all the needs during a signature process with timestamping allows verification of anything signed with the power of public blockchain.

CX.R.M. Evolved

We trusted and tracked information to optimize and certify any phase of the customer lifecycle to foster business productivity and improve R.o.i.


The Blockchain will allow us to certify any transaction done within the company scenario: anything that happens in the supply chain will be trusted and granted.


The platform for the long-term conservation of any Crypto and DIGITAL ASSETS based on unique and innovative shared cryptographic key mechanism which leads to a shared responsibility.