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Endocode at Cloud Expo Frankfurt 2022

The leap from 2 years of hardly any in-person events to 2 straight days of contacts and exchange with people took some time getting used to but was a nice change of pace. We were at the Cloud Expo in Frankfurt from 11.05.2022 – 12.05.2022. As a Google Cloud Partner, we presented our service packages […]

DaC: Documentation-as-Code -Improving the documentation of the Corona-Warn-App

As you may have heard, the German Government contracted several big IT-Players to develop an App to track citizens with potential Covid-19 infections. There were weeks of headline discussions all over the country and of course on the internet. We didn’t dare to join this discussion since it’s not our expertise, nevertheless, we at Endocode […]

Federating GCP with Azure AD

DISCLAIM, DISCLAIM Here at Endocode we love Microsoft Active Directory. Mostly because we don’t have to deal with it internally. But let’s be honest, we do understand that there are a couple of reasons to stick to this long-standing giant. Hence, this article is not another rant about Active Directory. It’s actually quite the opposite, […]